I am conscious and supportive that not many people find religion important and support the fact that many people follow different religions. This isn’t a preach. The 2 largest religions are Christianity and Islam (Statistically by Google, 4.1 Billion followers) They may not follow the same book. Christians follow the Bible, Muslims follow the Qur’an. […]

The Internet of Things (IoT) has it gone too far?

I know what you are going to say, an Internet connected Bicycle Firstly I’m not going to be talking about Internet connected phones, media players etc because they are useful This is going to be primarily consumer focused, but lets start off with business opportunities. BlackBerry Radar allows a business to track their shipping containers. […]

New hope and new life can arise from apparently hopeless situations

My vicar made me a pen because I was admiring the one he made for himself and he showed me how well it writes by writing a letter. This is what he wrote About your pen In January 2011 just after New year’s Day a freak storm hit Hatfield Peveral causing damage to many buildings, […]

And now for something completely different

Saltwater Tropical Aquarium Every day is a learning curve I have this fondness for fish, whether they be coldwater, freshwater, tropical.My last aquarium had 2 Blackamores and 2 Golden Orandas but what they do not tell you is coldwater fish require more room and I had too many for the aquarium. And eventually they all […]

Enterprise Mobility Management

So what is Enterprise Mobility Management? Once upon a time it was just about Mobile Device Management… Remember the old BlackBerry? BlackBerry invented the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The Server would connect to your mail system and perform a true push to the connected devices across BlackBerry’s own network. It was costly for a vendor to […]

Take a moment to contemplate. Anything is possible

Fidelis habentes fiduciam vitae doctrina et sperans — Ashley Taylor This is the first post of my new blog. It will be about pretty much anything that interests me. From Technology, to food. Hopefully it won’t be too deep and intense, but here to inspire anyone to imagine what is possible. I’m just getting this […]