I am conscious and supportive that not many people find religion important and support the fact that many people follow different religions. This isn’t a preach.

The 2 largest religions are Christianity and Islam (Statistically by Google, 4.1 Billion followers)

They may not follow the same book. Christians follow the Bible, Muslims follow the Qur’an. But they happen to follow the same “Higher being” whether it be called God, or Allah.

I know this may be controversial, but please follow.

I never considered myself religious, but in the last year or so, I found faith again, due largely to a very good friend. He needed some comfort and found that in the church and I did too. It is a small church, typically the average congregation is 25 – 30 people, but it is the most peaceful place I have found. You hear no traffic and I have made friends with everyone there. Mostly my Vicar where we share common interests. Caligraphy being one. They have even asked me to be the official bell ringer.

But that isn’t what this post is about. I did the remembrance day collection for the Royal British Legion and what many people forget, the Poppy is for remembering everyone who has died during wars, not just the side the country we live in.

I have many friends who are all Muslim, Christian and Jewish, as well as Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh, but considering Christianity is the largest Religion and that I read the Bible. Since Islam is the 2nd largest, I should read the Qur’an too as I like to educate myself. I have also learned about Buddha, Brahma, Sikhism, along with Roman and Greek Gods (Which the last 2 had the same, just different names…. again)

We must remember the bible has been translated in many forms, mainly due to the council of Nicea. Since the original translation would have been performed in Latin, translations would have been different how the Latin would have been written. Latin written in Scriptum Continuum can have a completely different meaning to Latin translated when it is punctuated.

As I said, this will probably be controversial. We should have peace on this planet. We should all be more understanding that not everyone has the same beliefs as others and not to judge people who have a different belief to your own. Unfortunately it is mainly down to political and economical reasons that we have conflicts.

To sum up, God bless you all, as-salāmu alaikum wa rahmatul-lāhi wa barakātuh (apolgoies if my translation isn’t accurate). Blessed be to all other religious followers

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