New hope and new life can arise from apparently hopeless situations

My vicar made me a pen because I was admiring the one he made for himself and he showed me how well it writes by writing a letter.

This is what he wrote

About your pen

In January 2011 just after New year’s Day a freak storm hit Hatfield Peveral causing damage to many buildings, including St Andrew’s church but most drastically to our beautiful churchyard and its cedar trees.The cross on the alter at All Saints and this pen have been made out of the wood cleared away afterwards and stands as a reminder that from wreckage and disaster, new life and hope can arise.

Christians hold that the Cross of Christ is a symbol of exactly that and so when you look at the cross or this pen, think of the new life and new hope that can arise from apparently hopeless situations.

Prayers and blessings

Rev’d Derek

It’s a beautiful fountain pen that he hand crafted from cedar and the nib etc are 18 ct gold.. to buy a pen like it you would have to go to Mont Blanc etc. I’m a very lucky man

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