And now for something completely different

Saltwater Tropical Aquarium

Every day is a learning curve

I have this fondness for fish, whether they be coldwater, freshwater, tropical.My last aquarium had 2 Blackamores and 2 Golden Orandas but what they do not tell you is coldwater fish require more room and I had too many for the aquarium. And eventually they all died. Part of it was due to selective breeding of the Blackamores and Orandas to get that short swollen look, but it is detrimental to their swim bladders.

I like an aquarium because after a hard day’s work it is nice to get back to something relaxing and fish do that for me. This time I’m going for a tropical saltwater aquarium.

I’m a big fan of the Pixar film “Finding Nemo” however it was just a computer animated cartoon. None of the species are compatible and would have likely ended up with Dory (A regal tang) eating Nemo.

If the movie were to be played out in reality, if Bubbles (Yellow Tang) and Deb (Damselfish) were already in the aquarium and Nemo (Clownfish) were suddenly dropped in one day, things would not have gone well. Bubbles and Deb would have chased Nemo until he either jumped out of the aquarium or was pinned into a corner and was not allowed to move. If he didn’t die from exhaustion, injury, or fright, he likely would have succumbed to disease because of a weakened immune system as a result of the stress.

Jacques (Cleaner Shrimp) would have long since been lunch for either Bloat (Puffer Fish) or Gill (Moorish Idol). Gurgle (Royal Gramma) would probably have been far too large for Gill to eat but would have been the perfect meal ticket for Bloat.

Peach (Starfish) would probably have starved from having nothing to eat – flake food won’t cut it for this creature. Alternatively, if she were routinely fed frozen fish, the water quality would have been so poor in an aquarium due to under-filtration that she and her tank mates (especially Jacques and the anemone) likely wouldn’t have made it.

So Nemo was my favourite, so sticking with Clown Fish, but how to keep them healthy. First I have gone overboard making sure the water is right for them. I’ve let the plants flourish, but you also have to remove Nitrates, Nitrites and Ammonia from the water as well as all the chemicals they put into tap water. So this has been left for several weeks.

The first thing I noticed was a layer of brown Algie forming at the top. This is common due to the Algie being dormant in the substrate. There is now a layer of sea sand on the top. Filtering and removal plus water changing is the only thing you can do to remove it.

Next step is to add some live rock and some cleaner shrimp. The shrimp will help keep the toxins down as they eat pretty much anything aswell as any parasites the fish get. I will get the cleaner shrimp acclimatised first and then add some cleaner wrasse (another fish that also helps keep the tank clean)

The idea is to provide the fish with as little stress as possible, so manually cleaning the tank will be kept to the barest minimum.

I will keep posting updates so one day you will see Nemo and Marlin living in perfect harmony

Thanks again for reading

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