Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

So decided to jump into the world of Raspberry Pi because since I now run Linux as a desktop at home, this is my new PC

Its a 4GB Pi 4 Model B with a 32GB SD Card. Still undecided whether to run Raspbian or Ubuntu.. remember this will be used as my PC running Office Apps etc.

This however is going to be running Kubernetes.

It is basically 4 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B running Ubuntu with the Docker and Kubernetes package installed. Like a mini cloud. Idea is to run My SQL and Plex Media Server with storage on Synology DS1819+

I remember the years when you were at home as a kid and Dad brought in a first computer. Remember for me it was the 80s and all I got was an Oric 1

Instead of a Spectrum

Dad would never succumb to our insane feelings. Instead he bought us a 386 PC instead of an Amiga

Love you dad! This can now run both and also act as anything. I’m not sure how they would get on if they knew everything, but such is life

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