I have always wanted to get a great photo of a sunset. But either missed the time, or missed the time. My ideal pic would be over the river at sunset and high tide, but keep missing it. I am going to have a go on Friday as the Tide and Sunset time are spot on.

But, tonight I managed to get a shot like no other. This is Heybridge Basin at Sunset taken on a Nikon D3500 and only converted from Raw to JPG in Photoshop, no enhancements. After you see the pic I’ll tell you the whole story

I didn’t actually take the photo, or I did, but the original was taken on a man’s iPhone which I managed to see and I shot the photo of his iPhone screen on my Nikon. His picture was gold to my eyes but the Nikon picked it up like this, which we both thought looked more “Arty”

So my idea now is use a phone to take a photo then take a photo of the screen with a DSLR and see what the result is. But before I do that, here is a HDR (High Dynamic Range) pic of my church

God bless you all.

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