How to build a cloud tenant in 30 minutes

Start with building Microsoft Azure

So I will admit, having focused on Windows 10 and BlackBerry UEM for the last few years, I realise my cloud experience isn’t what potential employers would want to see. So I decided to put my money where my mouth is again and see what I could do.

Azure probably took the longest to setup, but once I had the Azure Tenant setup, with an SQL server, plus In-tune and Office 365. Setup BlackBerry UEM, connected it to In-tune and deployed the MS Office Apps from UEM with In-tune managing the MAM policies on my iPhone and Pixel 3. I did it this way since Mobile Iron and VMWare Airwatch do not deliver evaluation version of their MDM software as quickly as BlackBerry do, I could have probably done it with them…. But in all the time it took me the best part of 20 minutes to do it all, so spent the next 10 minutes setting up an Amazon Web Service Tenant and Google Cloud.

While all this was happening also deployed VMWare ESXi (Vsphere 6.7) with 2 copies of Ubuntu Server clustered with BSDUnix and Oracle Solaris running Oracle and for the hell of it did DOS.

Tomorrow is installing Windows Server 2019, setting up Active Directory and Azure Active Directory Connectors, and maybe an eval of a proper X500 Directory. Novell eDirectory or NetIQ Identity Management… And maybe MAC OS for fun

On top setup Cisco Virtual Machines, so in effect a small datacentre.

It has been a difficult setting up kubernetes on the R Pi cluster as the 4 Model B doesn’t support it yet

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